About Our Product Range
MDF and Acrylic materials are the main product base. 
We have products available to enhance your gaming experience in games such as Warhammer, 40k, WW2, Bolt Action, Flames of War, Dystopian Wars, Force on Force, Star Wars X Wing, Star Trek Attack Wing, Battlegroup Kursk, Kings of War and many more...

Stock Products
In February 2017 we launched a marketing relationship with MINIBITS who will be taking on retail role for selected items from the REDvectors range of designs so please contact MINIBITS for items from stock 

Bespoke Design Available... 
We are happy to create any bespoke items that you may require to grow the range of products on offer. Everything you see on this site was developed for someone like you that just asked :) We love to make new things.

Please contact us today to request designs for a particular era, scale or geographic location.